Notary Marriages

At Sunrise Notary we can assist you with your marriage documents, domestic partnership documents, and even officiate your wedding ceremony. If you need these types of services that require notary signings and witnesses give us a call or schedule an in-person or online appointment today!

Are notary marriages common?

Not only is it common in Las Vegas to use a Mobile Notary as a marriage officiant, but the mobile notary can also assist you in notarizing all your legal documents when it comes to being married.

When you have the wedding performed by a notary, the notary takes the place of the officiant and the witness.

Do you need a notary?

When it comes to getting married, the rule is you must have at least one witness during the ceremony to practically authenticate the wedding and prove that the ceremony took place.

As a wedding officiant and possibly as the marriage witness, the duties of the notary are to confirm the date and location of the ceremony, along with the names of the individuals who were involved in the ceremony. The notary may only be a wedding officiant if they are in good standings with the state of Nevada.

Why choose Sunrise Notary for your marriage or domestic partnership?

We’re certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re trained, experienced, and highly dedicated to providing high-level service. We also do Loan Signing, Affidavits, Jurats, and more!

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Call (725) 258-6265 to book your notary appointment. Or use the form below to schedule your notary service and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: We are not attorneys in the State of Nevada and are not licensed to give legal advice. As such, we may not accept fees for providing legal advice.

Helpful Information About Notary Marriages

Why you might need a notary for your marriage:

  • Someone to handle all your certified documents
  • The convenience of letting a professional handle all your documents for you
  • When you don’t want to use a random person to witness your wedding
  • A notary can take the place of both positions, only requiring one person
  • In a case where you are eloping and cannot find someone willing to witness the wedding


Getting married comes with a lot of changes. Many include changing legal documents and putting things under both individuals’ names that way they share everything. Some of these documents require notarization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Notary Marriages

Who handles the marriages for Sunrise Notary?

It’s understandable to want to know the person officiating or witnessing your special moment. Our certified notary’s name is Trudy Lindstrom and she is happy to answer all your questions and make introductions when you schedule an appointment.

Do I need an officiant AND a notary?

A notary can take the place of both positions, only requiring one person. This saves you money AND stress. 

What is the price for marriage services from Sunrise Notary?

Our pricing for marriages starts at $75 and goes up depending on the circumstance. Call us to get a customized estimate.

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