Oaths and Affirmations

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What is an Oath and Affirmation?

They are solemn promises of truthfulness made by a signer, witness, or new office-holder. An Oath is a promise to a deity and an Affirmation is a pledge on one’s personal honor. Both are legally binding promises to tell the truth and subject the oath-taker or affirmant to penalties for perjury.

Documents typically requiring an oath include written affidavits and applications—documents for which the signer/affiant has supplied a set of facts. Examples: proving ID, deeds, mortgages, contracts and powers of attorney (except those pertaining to motor vehicle titles), an oath of office.

What does a notary do?

It is customary for the Notary to ask the oath-taker or affirmant to raise the right hand in a pledging gesture or to place it over one’s heart. A notary facilitates and witnesses the oath and affirmation which is often required by law. Oaths and affirmations should always be taken seriously by the Notary and the person being sworn or affirmed.

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Helpful Information About Oaths and Affirmations

Examples of When You Need an Oath and Affirmation

  • When proving ID
  • Deed Documents
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Contracts
  • Powers of Attorney Documents (except those pertaining to motor vehicle titles)
  • Oaths of Office

Helpful Tip

Since both have the same legal effect, it is up to the signer to choose to make an oath or affirmation.

Also, oaths and affirmations may not be administered remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oaths and Affirmations

What is the difference between an Oath and an Affirmation?
While both oaths and affirmations are notarial acts that compel a person to tell the truth, an oath is a solemn, spoken pledge to God or a Supreme Being, while an affirmation is a spoken pledge made on the signer’s personal honor with no reference to a higher power. Either is considered acceptable, and the choice is left to the signer.
Is an Oath and Affirmation Legally Binding?

Both an Oath and Affirmation are legally binding. By law, certain statements—such as documents intended for use in court proceedings, oaths of office, requests for the replacement of certain lost documents, and some statements of debt—must be sworn under oath or by affirmation.

What is the price for an Oath and Affirmation from Sunrise Notary?

Our price is simple and easy, it’s $7.50 per document, without signature.

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