Remote Online Notary

At Sunrise Notary we make it easy, convenient, and affordable to get your notary service done online from anywhere. Get your documents notarized online with our Remote Online Notary (RON) service. This is an easy and convenient way to get your documents titles, power of attorneys, last wills & testaments, car title transfers, affidavits, and loan documents notarized fast.

What is a Remote Online Notary?

It allows you to get your notary service online, anywhere, anytime by computer, tablet, or smartphone. We use an online solution using audio-visual (web cam) and identity-proofing technology to perform your notarial act easily online. It has the same legal effect as a traditional, paper-based notarization, and it is Nevada Secretary of State trusted and approved.

Why choose Sunrise Notary?

We’re certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re trained, experienced, and highly dedicated to providing high-level service. Our online solution conveniently gets your notary service completed fast!

I am an Approved Electronic Notary with DocVerify and we use their platform for conducting Remote Online Notarizations.

Step 1

Schedule your service. Our remote online notary can begin your service nearly immediately once you submit your request.

Step 2

We’ll send you information on accessing the virtual meeting session and where to upload your documents for notarizing. You’ll need access to an email for these steps.

Step 3

We’ll conduct the notarization service via virtual online meeting and all documents needing signatures will be e-signed online. The process is usually very quick.

Step 4

Once the remote online notary session is complete, all documents complete, and all fees paid you’ll receive copies of all your documents and receipts via email. 

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Schedule A Notary Service Now

Call (725) 258-6265 to book your notary appointment. Or use the form below to schedule your notary service and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: We are not attorneys in the State of Nevada and are not licensed to give legal advice. As such, we may not accept fees for providing legal advice.

Helpful Information About Remote Online Notary

Examples of Documents Requiring Notarization:

  • Deed
  • Easement or Right of Way Grant
  • Homestead, Declaration of
  • Judgment, Satisfactions of (certified court copy OK)
  • Lease
  • Liens
  • Mortgage
  • Mechanics Lien Extension
  • Power of Attorney (if used to convey real estate)
  • Proof of Labor (jurat is acceptable)
  • Termination of Joint Tenancy (jurat is acceptable)
  • Trust Deed
  • Vacation

Documents That CAN’T Be Notarized

  • If the identity of the person signing the document cannot be verified
  • If the document contains any white-out on it
  • If the signer is mentally incapacitated or otherwise, he or she does not fully understand the contents
  • If the commission of the notary has expired

Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Online Notary

How long does it take to notarize a document?

The process of notarizing a document itself does not take that long. At Sunrise Notary we pride ourselves on delivering a speedy professional service that’s affordable. Once you submit your request we can get the process started almost immediately!

Is my document approved for Remote Online Notary?

Most documents and circumstances needing an in-person notary can be notarized online with Sunrise Notary.

What is the price for a Remote Online Notary service?

$25.00 per signature for an Acknowledgement, Jurat or for Administering an Oath or Affirmation. Please note: If a Remote Online Notary signing cannot be performed due to cancellation after the session begins, error or failure of authentication of identity by the signer, a fee of $15 per signer will be assessed.

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